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Parcel Collection Services

Collection service (groupage) in export means collecting parcels in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and bringing them to the GTL terminal. The parcels are then taken by collection trucks to the out of state terminals of our partner companies, from where they will be delivered to the recipients. It’s possible to transport dangerous goods within the GTL collection service system.

For import, there is an analogous collection and transport service to an out of state terminal, transportation with a collection service truck between terminals and then shipment to the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Collection service phases:

1. Bringing parcels from the sender to the terminal

2. Completing the individual parcels for shipment to the target country

3. Transporting the parcels to the terminals in the relevant destinations

4. Delivering (dispatching) parcels to the final recipient

The benefit of the collection service system is GTL’s low price. This is because we use the trucks’ capacity to a maximum and effectively plan their routes.

The regular departures of groupage lines are scheduled at least once a week for each destination.

In its collection service system, GTL transports parcels from 50 kg to 3000 kg. Larger parcels are treated as partial truck loads or full truck loads.

GTL is a specialist in collection services to/from Turkey, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM, Moldova,and Cyprus.

We also provide some types of transport to and from Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro.