We are a reliable logistics and transportation company. Effective logistics, optimal transportation and satisfied customers are our aim. Our warehouse is located near Prague and highway D1.

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We have been specializing in transporting parcels to and from the Balkan peninsula. Groupage trucks depart several times a week to and from the Balkans. We have an international team in the Czech Republic speaking in Balkan languages. Our company is certified with the ISO 9001 norm.

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GTL is a logistics company that offers services in international truck transportation, haulage and storage and specialized in shipping parcels (collection service) between the Czech Republic and the Balkans. It’s a company with a long tradition – it has been transporting goods to the Balkan peninsula for the last 25 years. Our company is certified with the ISO 9001 norm.

The GTL company offers complete logistics services and arranges also additional services in customs clearance or property insurance for its customers, such as representation in customs clearance or property insurance of parcels for haulage. In its system of truck transportation, partial truck transportation and collection services (groupage), GTL offers the transportation of dangerous goods.

We offer logistics services, forwarding and transportation to/from Turkey, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM (North Macedonia), Moldova, and Cyprus.


"We want to win, but not at all costs.“ GTL preferred values are team work, flexibility, openness, loyalty, professionalism and close cooperation with our customers and with the Balkan partners.




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