GTL - Your partner in logistics since 1993

The abbreviation GTL comes from the name “Greek Transport and Logistic“. We have Greece in the title as the founder and owner of our company originally comes from this sunny country, and in 1993, when the company was founded, he started carrying out shipments in that direction.

Over time, other Balkan countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia were added to the portfolio. We have subsidaries and partners in all the aforementioned countries, which enables us to provide comprehensive logistics services for the entire Balkans. It is not a problem for us to transport one carton using our collection lines, several pallets in the form of groupage, or a full load transport.

Currently, services offered by GTL includeshipments to all European countries, domestic transportation, storage services in our own warehouse in Nehvizdy with an area of 8,000 m2, transportation of dangerous goods, customs service, transportation of oversized load, organization of convoy transportation, and comprehensive insurance services; all of this under ISO 90001 certification. Thanks to our extensive network of partners and warehouses throughout Europe, we can not only connect the Czech Republic with other countries, but also arrange shipments between two completely different regions. The type of service available (collection line, groupage, or full truckload)for each specific destination depends onour tranportation options accessible in the given area

We believe that details make the difference in the quality of any company business. In all our services we strive to always focus on the details that will bring positive change to our customers. By leveraging our years of experience in logistics and benefiting from our wide range of expertise, you will be able to fully focus on your core business. We are convinced that along with a fair approach that is an integral part of our philosophy – Fair play logistics – this is the best way for our clients and their further development.