Introduction by Managing Director

Dear colleagues, associates, customers and suppliers,

Most companies put the main emphasis and focus in their presentations only on the subject of their business activity. We used to do the same thing, with one exception, and that being the effort to include in our offers and presentations things that are an integral part of our “further” activitieswhich characterize our company. Our company CSR presentation is meant for anyone who truly wants to learn more about us, and wants to find out in more detail what we stand for . I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know who we are, in addition to what we do. And I recommend reading this part not only to the people outside the company, but also to all of us who help to build it from within. participate internally.

With Kind Regards

Alexandros Koranis

CEO & Managing Director

CSR Message

Our business strategy stems from the company vision and mission. It is a strategy that aims at differentiating our services from those of the competitors, making our haulage and transportation more effective, etc. In our organization, strategies at the functional level are the key. Each department has clearly established goals to meet and strategies to follow.

Company products and services are currently divided into four main areas:
- Transportation, haulage and collection services Greece
- Transportation, haulage and collection services Turkey
- Transportation, haulage and collection services Romania, Bulgaria
- Logistics ( storage, cross-dock, distribution)

The above-mentioned products include the following services:
- Full Truckload
- Collection Service (Door-to-Door)
- Customs Clearance
- Communication with Foreign Companies
- Dealing with Paperwork – provision of all necessary documents
- Storage

Prices are set with each customer on an individual basis. Getting our clients‘ feedback is therefore crucial for our price management. With established customers, a long-term fixed-price lists can be arranged.
The approach taken and emphasized by our company when doing business corresponds to and goes above and beyond ethical, legal, and social expectations. Our code of conduct is highly ethical and we strive to improve the quality of life of our employees and their families, as well as the local community, and the society as a whole.

In 2012, the company created and adopted the GTL Employee Code of Ethics. Without the long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and other company stakeholders, our activities would not be successful. The company cooperates with all parties involved and analyzes, coordinates, and manages these relationships. Every two years, we conduct an analysis of the key stakeholders.
Customers – the company addresses its customers in person during various business meetings, logistics events and trade fairs. Furthermore, we contact the clients by phone, online and through various advertising materials. An integral part of our marketing communication strategy are online press releases and an annual newsletter.

Suppliers – the company communicates with partner companies over the phone and via the Internet, and also at various exhibitions, trade fairs, and business meetings.

Experts and students – the company communicates with the latter stakeholders at trade fairs, conferences, and exhibitions, and also through online press releases, articles in the daily press and business journals, etc. Being socially responsible, every year the company collaborates with number of schools, and provides high school, vocational school and university students with opportunities to gain work experience, as well as advising them on their diploma theses.

General public – the company addresses the public through commercials in the daily press and through billboards and online ads.

The local community – the company approaches the local community through volunteering and donation, together with offering consultation and support in relation to the quality of life of the locals. In 2014, employees of the company took part in the Engage Day 2014.

Employees – with its employees, the company communicates via informative e-mails related to company results and news; also via internal press releases along with personal interviews and numerous internal events.
The company has a clearly defined vision, mission, and goals. GTL employees are informed about new strategies of the company by its management on a regular basis; authority and responsibility are delegated appropriately. . A uniform visual identity is used that contains the company logo, colors, and embodies the work atmosphere, etc. In its commercials and public relations, GTL presents its originality, uniqueness, and distinctness. Internal communication within the company follows a clearly defined policies. The organizational structure of GTL stems from its history and philosophy. The structure has been continuously changed and modified throughout the years so to keep up with the country’s growth, new business strategies, and changes to and development of our product , etc. Last but not least, a great emphasis is put on the company culture – i.e. our value system, and our staff behavior and code of conduct. The company culture is based on the company philosophy, basic principles, values, and mission.
For a relationship with a customer to be successful, it is important to see the benefits it brings to both parties involved.

GTL strives for balancing customer’s demands and the services available with the regard to its relationship with the given client. The company deals with customers’ demands and individual requests professionally and with a great amount of flexibility.

An extra value to our services is added by:
- Team Work
- Quality-oriented and Professional Conduct of Business
- Distinguishing the Company from its Competitors
- Individually Tailored Contact with Customers
- Flexibility
- Openness
When choosing suppliers, the company looks at their approach to safety, quality, and communication, together with taking into consideration the entire system of GTL collection service and its further products. We continuously monitor whether the suppliers have a system of quality management in place, their safety standards, and what their stance on the environment is. Because of these aspects, potential risks and complications in the GTL-supplier business relationship are at a minimum.
Without a quality-oriented and professional team work of the staff, the company would not be successful and able to meet its mission and vision, implement new strategies, and reach its set goals.

GTL supported values:
- Flexibility
- Openness
- Loyalty
- Professionalism
- Continuing Professional Education and Development

GTL offers its employees opportunities for further education. Each employee can participate in the soft skills development program, which is focused on communication, customer relations and self-evaluation or self-management. The company also offers weekly English, Turkish, Greek, and Czech classes. It supports obtaining a further qualification through university studies . Any employee studying at a university while working for GTL has five paid study days per year.

Social Policy

Human resources are a key asset to the company’s wealth. GTL takes care of its employees, provides them with a good work environment, and supports their personal and professional growth. Social policy includes financial and non-financial incentives:

- 5 Extra Paid Days Off (compared to the national standard)
- Financial Contribution to Life Insurance
- Provision of Healthcare
- An Option of an Interest
- Free Loan in case of need
In conducting its business, GTL does not ignore the environmental aspects of the quality of life. –Examples of our actions taken are as follows:

- Separating and Recycling Paper, Plastic and Other Waste
- Double-sSided Printing
- Recycling Toners and Cartridges
- Drinking Quality Tap Water
- Using Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs
Our system of quality management was vetted and certified by an accredited certification authority in accordance with ISO 9001:2009.