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Other Logistics Services

For our customers, we are ready to cater for further needs that fall into the world of logistics. If you do business in countries outside the European Union, we offer you representation in customs procedures, and customs consulting. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with Turkey, we dare to say that we are real professionals in this field.

Furthermore, we can provide you with an additional insurance service. It is not a common knowledge that the compensation for damage to transported goods is limited by the international CMR convention which often does not cover the actual value of the goods. Therefore, in such cases, we always offer our customers the option of additional insurance up to 110% of the damage compensation (regardless of the carrier’s liability limits according to the CMR). Thus, in case of a damage to the goods occuring while being shipped , we will guide you through the entire process of settling the insurance event and, for the most part, will take care of all the things necessary.

Additionally, there are  many other things we can do for you –e.g. if you are in need of shipping an oversized load that requires a special mode of transport, we will be more than happy to transport it safely for you. Another type of service our customers like using is the convoy transport or the transport of dangerous goods (ADR).

As part of our comprehensive services, we also offer the sale of Euro pallets of category “A”, “B” and disposable pallets.

Services that we provide: