OBALKO - Czech and Slovak Congress on Packaging


Our quality manager David Meduna visited congress OBALKO in October, which is the most important event of in the field of packaging in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

For our company the technological part of the congress was the most interesting. It concerned new trends in automation, packaging innovations, barcodes and also for example returnable packages, their circulation and economy of use depending on the transportation distance and the quantity of transported goods. At the conference there was also discussed the ecology of packaging, respectively the legislation of production and disposal of packaging materials. This problem explained Mr. Petr Bažil, Minister Counsellor of Take-back Policies of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. But the congress also offered another sections - for example marketing where professionals from the field discussed the issue of what packaging are selling or how to modernize the brand through packaging etc.

Finally the congress concerned packaging design talk which was attractively and uncommonly held by Mr. Gérard Caron, a French designer and Chairman of the Pentawards jury, the international prize for packaging design, highly experienced proffesional in this field, who also added a lot of interesting examples from practise. Thanks to this expert, we learned marketing trends not only in Europe and North America, but also in Asia, where the customers´ taste is very different and from where we can see quite a strong inspiration flow towards Europe nowadays.



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