What are the reasons for moving and what is the purpose of this new logistics centre? Due to its limited size and average quality, the current site does not meet the growing needs of the company. Whether it is insufficient storage area, lack of space for cross-dock, a small number of loading ramps, missing parking places for cars and trucks, insufficient facilities for warehouse staff or one small meeting room. Moving to the larger area is necessary for further growth and development of the company.

This situation led the company´s management to find a new location. Firstly, they started to search a suitable location near Říčany and highway D1, but there was no matching building plot for a strategic investment plan. After searching for another suitable locations the management choose the most optimal building plot in village Nehvizdy next to the highway D11 (exit 8). The new logistics centre, which is currently under construction, meets the most demanding requirements to optimize logistics processes, warehouse equipment, comfort for employees and other facilities of the company.

The size of the new warehouse will be 7800 square metres. The warehouse will be equipped with 16 loading ramps, one of them adapted for loading from side in sheltered space. Further, there will be minimum 15 parking places for trucks and 45 parking places for cars. There will be bigger focus on warehouse logistics, cross-docking, reloadings in intermodal transports and logistics value-added services in the new logistics centre. The aim is to get and provide better storage management, more shipped consignments per day, better customer care enviroment and services and, moreover, to do the business in electronic form in line with modern requirements.

„Bigger and sophisticated storage capacity will open up new perspective branches of business in e-commerce and new territories for us.“, says Atanasios Iliopulos, business director of GTL.

„The project is realized with respect to individual needs of our company and our stakeholders. For example there will be different heights of roofs and different orientation of pallet racks in specific sections of the warehouse – one for cross-docking and another for long-term storage. I believe that we´ll successfully transfer our competitive advantages into this logistics centre and will build up not only a storage hall but a contact point where customers´ wishes will be fullfilled“ says Alexandros Koranis.



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