Ethical code

„We want to win, but not at all costs.“


GTL preferred values:

  • flexibility
  • openness
  • loyalty
  • professionalism

The bindingness of the Code

The ethical code is binding for all GTL employees. The leading employees of the individual company divisions uphold this code. Its violation could lead to sanctions that are permitted by Czech labor regulations.


Fair business competition

Business competition consists in developing profitable activities. Employees adhere to valid laws and norms and don’t enter into contracts that would disrupt business competition, abuse their position in the company or the company’s position on the market.


Orientation toward the customer

For a relationship with a customer to be successful, it’s important to evaluate its usefulness for both partners. Employees strive for harmony between the customer’s requirements and the company’s services in terms of the company’s relationship with the customer. Employees react with flexibility and professionally to customers’ demands and individual requests.


Behavior towards customers and partners

Without satisfied customers and business partners we couldn’t succeed in today’s competitive environment. Employees follow the following rules:

  • Respect others
  • Follow the general rules of politeness
  • Tactfully find out who you are talking to
  • Don´t make untrue or sensitive information public
  • Respect other´s privacy
  • Remember there is a person at the other end of the line and not a computer

Employees must realize what customers, partners and colleagues expect. These are:

  • Professionalism - reliability, quality and good services
  • Flexibility - responsiveness to demands and fast reactions
  • Solving problems - professional solutions to complaints and problems
  • Apology - admitting mistakes, sincere apology and compensation

Loyalty and conflict of interest

Employees ought to be proud of the company for which they work. Employees must know the mission, vision and values of the company and identify with these values. Employees must be able to differentiate between their private and professional life. The company doesn’t tolerate conflicts of interest, when a person is responsible to two or more organizations or authorities and these interests diverge.



The company’s management encourages employees’ activity, new ideas and thoughts. All employees may openly express their opinion and these opinions are respected within the company.


No discrimination

GTL doesn’t tolerate any kind of discrimination and unequal treatment of customers, suppliers, colleagues and other partners based on race, sex, handicap, religion, etc.



Every employee, as much as he/she is able, is obligated to take care of his/her own safety, health and the health of those who are affected by his/her behavior or neglect during work. Knowledge of basic responsibilities from legal and other regulations and company requirements about safety and health protection at work is an integral and continual part of employee qualification requirements.


Working hours

The effective work of all employees is key. Employees must use their working hours effectively and only for activities that benefit the company. These are primarily activities based on the employees‘ job description, obligations and responsibilities.


Dress code

For business meetings with third parties (customers, suppliers and other business partners), elegant and formal attire is required.



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