CSR message


Dear colleagues, co-workers, customers and suppliers,

most companies emphasize and focus their presentations only on the subject of their activities. It’s no different with us, except that we always try to slip into our offers and presentations something that is an integral part of our "other" activities, what shapes our company. The CSR presentation of our company is for those who truly want to know more about us and want to know what we emphasize. I warmly encourage all who don’t just want to know what we do, but want to know who we are, to read this. And I recommend it not only to those outside the company, but to all of us who participate internally.



Alexandros Koranis



The business strategy stems from the company’s vision and mission. It’s a strategy that aims to differentiate ourselves from rival companies’ services, make our haulage and transportation services more effective, etc. Within this organization, strategies at the functional level are key. Each company division has clearly established goals and strategies to fulfill. The

company’s products and services are currently divided into four main parts:

  • transportation, haulage and collection services Greece
  • transportation, haulage and collection services Turkey
  • transportation, haulage and collection services Romania, Bulgaria
  • logistics (storafe, cross-dock, distribution)

The above-mentioned products include the following services:

  • full truck load haulage
  • collection service (door-to-door)
  • customs clearance
  • contact with foreign companies
  • complete transportation documentation
  • storage

Prices are set:

  • individually with customer
  • effort to get feedback
  • possibility of long-term price lists


Our company emphasizes a way of doing business that corresponds to, and is above and beyond, ethical, legal and social expectations. We conduct ourselves ethically and strive to improve the quality of life of our employees and their families, as well as the local community and the society as a whole.

In 2012, the company established and accepted a GTL Employee Ethical Code. Without long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and other company stakeholders, our activities cannot be successful. The company cooperates with all interested parties and analyzes, coordinates and manages these relationships. Every two years, we conduct an analysis of key stakeholders.



Customers – the company communicates with customers in person in business meetings, events and trade fairs, and also by telephone, internet and various advertising materials. An integral part of our marketing communication strategy are press releases on the internet and an annual newsletter.


Suppliers – the company communicates with companies over the telephone and via the internet, and also at exhibitions, trade fairs and business meetings.


Experts and students – the company communicates with these stakeholders at trade fairs, conferences and exhibitions, and also through press releases on the internet, articles in the daily press and trade journals, etc. Being socially responsible, the company collaborates every year with schools and provides high school, trade school and university students with opportunities to gain experience as well as advising them on their final theses.


General public – the company addresses the public through commercials in the daily press and through billboards and commercials on the internet.


The local community – communication with the local community consists in company volunteering and donation, as well as consulting and supporting citizens’ quality of life. In 2014, employees of the company took part in Engage Day 2014.


Employees – communication with employees via informative e-mails about company results and news, internal press releases, as well as through personal interviews and internal employee events.



The company has a clearly defined vision, mission and goals. The company’s management informs its employees about new strategies and delegates authority and responsibility. It uses a uniform visual style of communication that contains the company logo, company colors and embodies the company atmosphere. In its commercials and public relations it presents its originality, uniqueness and specificity. Internal company communication has clearly defined steps. The company’s organizational structure stems from its history and philosophy. In the past, it was continually adapted to keep up with the country’s growth, new strategies, product development and change, etc. And last but not least, company culture – a value system, behavior and employee conduct – is extremely important. The company culture is based on the company’s philosophy, basic principles, values and mission.



The company is characterized by its flexibility and the activity and focused approach of its employees. This then influences the company’s dynamic image as well as its logo, which shows a „predator.“ This means that the company is fierce, flexible and active. The company emphasizes a friendly atmosphere, respect for others and help. The HR manager cooperates with an external psychologist, which allows each employee to work on himself/herself, on their personality traits, on understanding company culture and becoming part of the company environment. We offer different services than our competition and we are persuasive because native speakers (Greeks, Bulgarians) work alongside Czech employees who speak Turkish, Greek and English. This makes communicating with foreign companies and securing transportation and accompanying services easier. This multicultural environment is reflected in the company culture and so it’s not just part of our image, it’s also our identity. Adhering to business ethics comes naturally because our good reputation is one the things that guarantees our success. This goes together with another aspect of the company’s image – the company’s character. Employees and coworkers must respect the valid legal regulations and reliably fulfill their obligations. They must treat our business partners fairly and ethically. One dimension of our image is success and reaching goals that are not just profitable, but also lead to a stable cash-flow. GTL is diligent about fulfilling its obligations by their due date.



If a relationship with a customer is to be successful, it’s important to see how it benefits both partners.

GTL strives for harmony between the customer’s demands and the company’s services in terms of the company’s relationship with the customer. The company reacts professionally and with flexibility to customers’ demands and individual requests.

Added value is created through:

  • team work
  • quality and professional business processes
  • distinguishing ourselves from the competition
  • individual contacts with the customer
  • flexibility
  • openness


When choosing suppliers, the company looks at their approach to safety, quality, communication and the entire system of GTL’s collection service and the company’s other products. We find our whether suppliers have a system of quality management, a level of safety and what their stance on the environment is. Because of these aspects, potential risks and complications in the GTL-supplier business relationship are at a minimum.



Without the quality, professional team work of the company’s employees, the company wouldn’t be successful and able to fulfill its mission and vision, implement new strategies and reach its established goals.

GTL’s preferred values:

  • flexibility
  • opennes
  • loyalty
  • professionalism

Employee education and development

GTL offers its employees opportunities for further education. Each employee can participate in the soft skills development program, which is focused on communication, customer relations and self-evaluation or self-management. The company also offers weekly English, Turkish, Greek and Czech classes. The company supports raising and intensifying employee qualification through study at a university. Any employee who is studying at a university while working has 5 paid study days per year.


Social policy

Human resources are a key component of the company’s wealth. GTL takes care of its employees, provides them with a good working environment and supports their personal and professional growth. Social policy includes financial and non-financial incentives:

  • 5 extra vacation days
  • contribution to the environment
  • healthcare
  • in special cases the possibility of an interest-free loan

ENVIRONMENT – green office

GTL doesn’t overlook the environmental aspects of the quality of life – specific examples:

  • separating and recycling paper, plastic and other trash
  • double-sided printing
  • recycling toners and cartridges
  • drinking quality tap water
  • using energy-efficient light bulbs


A system of quality management was vetted and certified by an accredited certification authority in accordance with ISO 9001:2009.



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